"I have encouraged others to attend your courses and when I do I tell them that it will be an opportunity to also unearth parts of themselves, to face, to learn, to grow, to transform...

my time there felt magical, I felt inspired every day, by you and the other participants

All of this may not happen in the moment but what you offer Tema are lessons that we can look back to, lessons that we can remember, and in our own time make the connections we need to move forward in doing the work that we chose to do". - Claudia Itzel Marques

What to expect?

"For me, the markers of a good learning experience include telling (through theory), showing (through demos), feeling (through practice), and processing (through sharing, crying, laughing). Tema included all of these components with gracious expertise. Tema's classes our wonderful for both community members who are looking to support birthing people in their life as well as birth workers who have been immersed in the calling for many years". - Angela Aguilar

  • Learn from Partera Tema Mercado a professional home birth midwife.

  • Offer that emotional and spiritual component in midwifery/birth professional services.

  • Learn science anatomy , physiology while incorporating tradition and culture.

  • Build a sense of community, give and gain support.

  • Invest in self growth in order to serve your family and community