Welcome to Unveiling the Journey Mentorship for aspiring Parteras

I want to begin by thanking the Creator for our lives. I Bianca Temaquizcuini Mercado, La Que Ofrece Cantos gives gratitude for my life and all the gifts and challenges that have been bestowed upon me. I want to thank my spirit helpers for insistently encouraging me to provide this mentorship container for all of us. I thank my ancestors for protecting the ceremonial ways and medicines, so I have can exist today and show up in these Partera ways with their guidance. I ask for a special protection blessing as we collectively manifest this time in space that we will create together. I am praying for the perfect group of aspiring Parteras to hear this calling and to come together. A'ho, Ometeotl.

Mentorship Overview

The mentorship cohort is designed to take on a life of its own. The cohort will have individualized group mentoring sessions with hand tailored topics of their own choosing. We will have knowledge shares by guest Parteras and Elders to inspire and build community with. A monthly Partera Peer Review Council will be established as a circle of support after the mentorship concludes.

  • 13 group mentoring sessions

  • 6 Guest Partera / Elder Knowledge Shares

  • Monthly Partera Peer Review Council

  • 2 one-on-one calls with Partera Tema

Recorded Discovery Call

If you are contemplating your participation and or are not sure if this is something that is right for you, I invite you and anyone who wants to know more about “Unveiling the Journey a Mentorship for Aspiring Parteras,” to join former spring mentorship cohort and I in an interest group call, where you can get to know me and have the opportunity to listen in on how the cohort has impacted previous members.

Before I began birth work I had a decade of spiritual and cultural teachings that I could rely on as resources for my Partera path. In truth, those ceremonial and spiritual practices were my first teachers. We can not sustain as Parteras without learning how to tend to our mind, body, spirit and heart .

  • Mind

    Become a part of a peer review to help you process difficult births, or challenging client scenarios. Peer review will be held during and will continue after the mentorship.

  • Cuerpo

    Discover and deepen your embodiment practices . Learn somatic awareness tools to identify and move trauma out of your body.

  • Spirit

    Reconnect with simple and basic spiritual practices to assist you in reactivating your ancestral memory and help you recover your original instructions.

  • Corazon

    A gentle container to help you have courageous heart centered discussions. Together we'll learn how to tend to our Corazon.

Spring Cohort Aspiring Partera Reflections..

“Personally, this mentorship helped reawaken my DNA and ancestral memories"


"This mentorship is a must for BIPOC aspiring parterx and parterx that want to connect with like-minded individuals, but also want to learn more about themselves and get clarity on how to continue moving forward on the Parterx path. This is a transformative mentorship, if you are ready for the next step, take this mentorship.”

“This mentorship bridges the gap between institutional midwifery/birth work education and the sacred spiritual art of midwifery/birth work.’

Sonia L.

“The teachings definitely helped me with personal growth.At the beginning of the mentorship, I had a lot of doubts about my next steps. I was constantly questioning myself, should I do this? How? What if? etc. Fortunately, each session helped me get more clarity.”

“I am more confident about my birth work practice and my midwifery/Parterx journey. I am more intentional with what I do. I have been enforcing my boundaries.”

“The mentorship cohort was everything I didn't know I needed"


"I came in looking to find community, and although I did, I was led to find myself through the reflections and openness of those that became friends and allies. This cohort was a synchronicity of all involved. Different journeys, different cultures, different people but an aligned path, to say the least.”

Meet your Mentor


Tema Mercado

Tema Mercado is a Xicana Licensed Midwife in California and Partera Profesional Certificada in Mexico , mother to six children and a grandmother. She believes that birth work can change the world and has dedicated the last 11 years to birth and reproductive justice on the U.S Mexico Border serving families on both sides of the border. Tema was born and raised in San Jose, California and spent her adolescence in Mexicali, Baja California. Her midwifery practice and overall work in the community stems from a social justice and heart perspective. Tema is a traditional singer and story teller, these two gifts led her to share her voice as a speaker and facilitator. She believes that knowledge sharing is essential for the preservation of cultural healing arts. To find out more about Tema and her work, you can visit her website http://www.lamatrizbirth.com/ and her IG page @matrizmidwife.

What can you expect from your time with Tema?

this is what other participants have to say...

5 star rating

Tema is amazing!

Tiffany Townsend

Thank you so much for offering this course. I really appreciate you taking time to teach this important work.

Thank you so much for offering this course. I really appreciate you taking time to teach this important work.

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5 star rating

Best online course I've ever taken!

katia atman

Amazing information and Amazing teacher. This was such a special course. I am SO glad I decided to do this. it exceeded far beyond any expectations I might h...

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Amazing information and Amazing teacher. This was such a special course. I am SO glad I decided to do this. it exceeded far beyond any expectations I might have had. Tema is a wonderful teacher. She was very heart centered, patient and kind as well as direct, clear and wise. She really takes the time to answer evryone's questions and creates a safe and nourishing learning container. I will for sure be taking a class from her in person, if I get the chance in the future but because I don't live in her are. I am so Grateful she decided to offer this online. I really felt like I learned a lot even though in the past with online courses it was hard for me. She had us practice during class with a model hands on. That was so helpful for me and really grounded all the information into my body. I cant wait to serve the folks in my community with this beautiful, healing and nourishing practice.

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5 star rating

More than a binding course!

Miriam Torres

I enrolled in this course knowing that Maestra Tema was very insightful not only about postpartum bodies but of the spiritual connections one has within; I w...

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I enrolled in this course knowing that Maestra Tema was very insightful not only about postpartum bodies but of the spiritual connections one has within; I was blown away though, by the teachings of how it all is interwoven. Tema's style of teaching is like no other. I was very reserved about taking this course online, truth be told, regardless of the set up though, this course has changed my life! I look forward to continuing to learn and cannot wait for more classes. Blessings to Tema her assistant Alex and Adelia!

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Mentorship Pricing

You must first apply before enrolling. Click on the yellow "Apply" button at the top of the page.


  • Who is the mentorship for ?

    This mentorship is for those who identify with the Partera role from a cultural and spiritual perspective. This mentorship is BIPOC led and created with BIPOC Parteras in mind.

  • Do I have to be a birth-worker to join?

    The mentorship will best serve those who have already began their Partera or birthwork journey. This is suitable for birth attendants, doulas, student midwives, new midwives, postpartum practitioners, perinatal educators, perinatal herbalist and or perinatal bodyworkers.

  • How do I apply?

    Applications have closed for the Winter 2022 Cohort. Interest list is now forming for the Spring 2023 mentorship cohort. Click on the yellow button above to submit an interest form. You will be placed on my email list to receive information regarding the 2023 Cohort. Signing up for the interest is the best way to get a seat in our next cohort. Do not wait last minute.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    We work very hard year round to raise scholarship funds. We offer partial scholarships on a first come first serve basis. There is no separate scholarship application. Theres one application with the option of requesting a scholarship. Applications will open Jan. 1, 2023 .

  • When will you offer a new mentorship course?

    I will open up applications for the Spring 2023 mentorship cohort on Jan. 1 , 2023 . For now please join the the interest list.

  • Why is this only for BIPOC ?

    All of my former courses and workshops have been open to everyone. However, this particular mentorship course is specifically, for BIPOC aspiring Parteras for several important reasons. The biggest reason is creating a space where we can share our common lived experiences as BIPOC Parteras, which can vary greatly from the experience of a Midwife who belongs to the dominant culture. Fortunately, there are several birth work mentorship programs by and for dominate culture midwives.