Why take this course?

This class is important for those who have had top surgery and are looking for accessible ways to heal and soothe afterwards.  I also encourage bodyworkers to take this class as an additional tool for your practice and for more practitioners to be able to offer comprehensive care for trans and nonbinary folks. The class is simple in its delivery and profound in its application.

Zoom Class

27th of July, Wednesday, 5pm-7pm (PST) and 28th of July, Thursday, 5pm-7pm (PST)

Who is Pati Garcia?

Pati Garcia is a queer, non-binary (dey/dem), Latinx Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Certified Professional Midwife, creator of Shodhini Institute, and educator at La Matriz Birth. Pati has been involved in revolutionary somatic approaches to feminist body autonomy cultivation from a latinx gender non conforming perspective since 2004.Pati's life work is intertwined with deep spiritual practices rooted in Andean culture which includes the dreamworld as a place of healing and guidance. Pati recently repatriated from Trinidad and Tobago to the USA and is living their best life in Pomona, California (East Los Angeles County). IG @patiLApartera.
Image of a light skinned latinx person with white head wrap with a white button up linen shirt. A green Scripps College lanyard, and a white necklace with wooden beads, against a background of green vine leaves.


  • May I sign up for the in-person class alone?

    The in-person class is only available for those who have attended the online Zoom class or have completed the Pre-Recorded class for Top Surgery. For the in-person class please contact me directly to sign up -Space is LIMITED GraciasaLaVidaMidwifery@gmail.com

  • Will this class count as CEU's for my certifying organization?

    No, this class if purely for accessing self-healing knowledge and/or to supplement your bodywork practice. You will be able to receive a certificate of attendance once you have completed the course.

  • Will there be an opportunity for mentorship beyond the scheduled class?

    Yes! The course will include 6 months of monthly Q & A's via Zoom. You will be encouraged to attend 2. One to answer any questions and expand your knowledge, and another to report back on your personal experience with the technique and/or your experience of application with a client.


From previous Cesarean Scar Tissue Remediation Class

If you could describe the e-course to your friends, how would you describe it?

by J.L.

Better than expected! I had my reservations about not being able to get practical experience from the course but Pati is very thorough and makes online learning easy.

If you could describe the e-course to your friends, how would you describe it?


The recording was helpful and thorough. This was a great class, with in-depth, step-by-step, and LGBTQ+ friendly explanations. The demonstration was great to watch, and feedback from the receiver of touch was helpful as a practitioner.

What were you expecting to learn? Did it fulfill your expectations?


I was expecting all kinds of super technical discussion of scar healing and infections etc but I was pleasantly surprised to find a much more grounded experience. It went above and beyond my expectations Because Pati made something I saw as complicated and above me attainable and real. I felt able to understand this practice and share it because Pati’s approach was open and so informative.

Are you ready to sign up?

stretch. open your heart. and breathe.

The level of somatic integration a person can experience by receiving this type of bodywork post surgery is priceless. Top Surgery STRM will allow for a person to be freed up within their new body. Whether you're taking the class for your ownself or to support others, this class will revolutionize the receivers sense of self in regards to gender-affirming procedures. Our hearts are carried in our chest and it is absolutely key to be able to fully breathe into our heart and not be restricted by scar tissue. To reclaim our bodies as we see fit is our birthright and this class will give you tools to savor your power. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share my lived experience as a queer and trans affirming midwife and bodyworker so that others could LIVE and THRIVE with the body they want.