Cesarean Scar Tissue Remediation Massage

Thanks for investing in CSTRM, it is sure to bring a deeper level of healing to your bodywork/birthwork practice.

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Scar Tissue Remediation massage on a Cesarean Scar

This is an online pre-recorded course that will address the anatomy & physiology of a scar, massage technique, and castor oil pack applications. The course includes live interactive pre-scheduled Q&A online session with your instructor Pati Garcia. *Materials are not included. The course enrollment duration is 30 days.

What you will learn ...

Introduction to cesarean scar tissue remediation massage

  • scar assessment

  • anatomy and physiology

  • massage technique

  • castor oil application



Pati Garcia

La Matriz Birth e-Courses is so excited to host Pati Garcia as a guest teacher on this learning platform. Pati is a Queer midwife and longtime bodyworker. She's been in the field for over 15 years as a bodyworker, birth and postpartum doula, full-spectrum doula, Sexological Bodyworker and midwife. With roots in both Peru and Mexico, Pati brings a depth of knowledge that includes non-western understanding of the human experience. Currently she resides in Trinidad and Tobago where she is happily married with her wife and are currently TTC.

Who may attend ?

The class is geared towards families who have given birth via cesarean, massage therapists, and midwives. Doulas are welcome as long as they keep in mind their scope of practice and be mindful of any limitations they might have. Palpation skills are not required but highly recommended.

Social proof: testimonials

What were you expecting to learn? Did it fulfill your expectations?


I was expecting all kinds of super technical discussion of scar healing and infections etc but I was pleasantly surprised to find a much more grounded experience. It went above and beyond my expectations Because Pati made something I saw as complicated and above me attainable and real. I felt able to understand this practice and share it because Pati’s approach was open and so informative.

If you could describe the e-course to your friends, how would you describe it?


A must for all birth/body workers for your yourself, your practice and to encourage clients to start their own journey of connection and exploration with their body.

If you could describe the e-course to your friends, how would you describe it?


The recording was helpful and thorough. This was a great class, with in-depth, step-by-step, and LGBTQ+ friendly explanations. The demonstration was great to watch, and feedback from the receiver of touch was helpful as a practitioner.

If you could describe the e-course to your friends, how would you describe it?


Better than expected! I had my reservations about not being able to get practical experience from the course but Pati is very thorough and makes online learning easy.